Combine your questions with our tips and make your checklist

It is important to prepare before submitting any questions. Take your time and think about what information you want to find out about your future home. You are welcome to use the questions below or make your own.

Working from Home

- What's the weather like in that area? Open land with lots of wind?

- How long has the property been on the market?

- How old is the property?

- For how long is the property available?

- How strong is the phone signal in your home?

- Is the internet connection fast?

- Is there a reception/concierge in the building?

Important questions

- What amenities are nearby?

- Where can I find the closest public transportation?

- Where is the nearest school in the neighbourhood

- Where can I find the nearest gym?

- Is there a sports facility near the property?

- Are there any plans to construct anything near the house?

- Is it a safe area?

Surrounding area

- Are there any significant cracks in the walls?

- Do the windows have double glazing?

- Is the wiring and electrical system in good condition?

- Is the flooring in good shape?

- Is the plumbing in good condition?

- Do the radiators function properly?

- What is the water pressure like?

Building integrity

- How are the neighbours?

- Do the neighbours regularly throw parties?

- Are there any community events going on in the area?

- Is it a quiet neighbourhood? Family-orientated?


- Are the furniture in good condition?

- Are the electronic appliances in good condition? 

- Is there a washing machine and a dryer? Are they communal?

- Is there anything that requires high maintenance?


- Can you tell me more about the surrounding parking?

- Where can I keep my bicycle?

- Is there a parking space reserved for residents?

- Is it safe to leave my bike outside?