Earn by viewing properties near you

Attend viewings with viewio. and join our community of excited and helpful individuals
who want to show off their local area

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Who is a Viewer?

A Viewer is someone who is willing and able to attend property viewings on behalf of others, assisting them in finding their next home while providing the best possible experience.

Viewers will also receive free training in the form of video courses from the service, to ensure best quality of viewings.

Why become a Viewer?

Earn while viewing

Earn money on a per viewing basis. The more viewings you attend, the more you could make.

Join a community

We want to bring together a group of passionate individuals that are excited in supporting one another, so join our unique community and start your journey as a viewer.

Flexibility and control

Arrange viewings at your own schedule. The better your overall rating, the more viewings you will receive.

Short distances

We will never ask you to travel farther than what you choose. Attend property viewings in your local area and share your knowledge about it.

Our support

If you have questions, you can reach us at any time through the chat or through email. Ask about how the process works, how to get your earnings and more.

House Tour

Earn while viewing

Attend as many viewings as you want!

The higher your rating , the more viewings you will receive.

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